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Our Programs

Dragon Boat is for everyone.

Corporate Team Building

  • Learn Basic of Dragonboating
    Learn Basic of Dragonboating

    Safety Review and How to Dragonboat

    Our coaches go over safety procedures; teach you basic dragonboat stokes and commands before you get on the boat.

  • Thrill of Dragonboat racing
    Experience the thrill of Dragonboat racing

    Walk away with unforgetable experience

    Dragonboat racing is fun and challenging. It is a fantastic team-building experience and anyone who has raced dragon boat walks away with memories to last a lifetime!

  • Team Bonding
    Team Bonding

    There's no I in a Dragonboat

    Your employees can't just be coworkers; they need to be teammates.Everyone has to work together as a team to win a dragonboat race.

  • Photos and Videos
    Photos and Videos

    Photos and Videos for keepsake

    Take home photos and GOPRO footage from the event.

Recreational Dragonboat

  • Looking for a new hobby
    Looking for new hobby

    Recreational dragonboat

    If you're looking for a new hobby; a great way to get in shape, join our recreational dragonboat program. A dragonboat program for beginner. No experience is required. You can attend as many practices as you want. There's no practice requirement. Our recreational paddlers attend practice one or twice a week

  • Have fun at our social event
    Apple picking at Tougas farm

    Meet new friends

    If you're new in town; looking for new friends, we are a bunch of a great group of people. Join us for some fun at many of our social events

  • Dragonboat racing
    2015 Concord Dragonboat Festival

    Expeience the thrill of dragonboat racing

    Our recreational paddlers attend local races once or twice a year. Dragonboat racing is fun and challenging at the same time. You would have a blast..

Premier Dragonboat

  • Competitive Dragoboat Team
    2014 CCWC Crew - Wicked Tuna

    Competitive Dragoboat Team

    Our premier dragonboat program is for competitive dragonboat paddlers who are serious about the sport of dragonboating. Our athletes trains all year round both on and off water. Fitness test and time trail are required to join our premier team

  • On water training
    On Water Practice

    Dragonboat practice

    We practice 3 times per week in a dragonboat. In addition to dragonboat practice, we also train on an OC

  • Winter Training
    Winter Training

    Strength training

    During the off-season, we lift weight to build strength. We also train on rowing ERG and paddle ERG for cardio and conditioning.

  • National and World Dragonboat racing
    2014 Club Crew Championships

    National and World Dragonboat racing

    We race both at National and World level